The best way to predict the future is to create it
—Jason Kaufman

Creating your financial future is an ongoing process. As times change so do financial services, financial products and financial planning approaches. But to know where you are going, you must first determine where you are.

Based on your responses, the Financial Planning Analyzer (FPA) updates you on where you are today and where you are likely to be down the road. Its insights provide a basis that you and your financial advisor can act on to "create" your financial future — with a unique emphasis on what is new rather than what you know already.

Explore an analysis of any of several vital areas of interest, including:

  • Increasing your retirement income
  • Facilitating the continuation of your business
  • Providing income for those you leave behind
  • Preserving or building your estate

Currently, access to the FPA is available only through qualified financial services companies who offer it to their present and potential clients. Please contact your financial services provider to find out whether the FPA is available to you.

If you are a financial services professional and would like to find out more about the FPA, take an audio tour of its features and/or try out a demo, please visit the Vortex Business Software site.

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